So how much is a gearbox rebuild?

The price of a VW T3/T25  gearbox repair or rebuild whether it be a 4 speed, 5 speed or Syncro gearbox depends very much on the condition of the gearbox. Until I disassemble your box, meticulously clean it by hand and inspect it, only then can I give you an accurate quote on what needs to be done.

Gearbox rebuild prices start at 1000 euros but depending on the condition of the box. This will include the following services.  Machining your case. Replacement of all bearings including pinion bearing and mainshaft bearing as standard. replacement of all seals and gaskets. Replacement of all syncro rings. Measurement and inspection of all parts. Rebuilding your gearbox to factory tolerances and specifications.

AJT Mainshaft Bearing Retainer Gasket

A recommended upgrade for  Syncro and 5-speed boxes is the installation of an AJT mainshaft bearing retainer gasket (5 speed and Syncro boxes).  This physically stops the mainshaft bearing from moving in your case. It can also be fitted to 4-speed boxes. This can

South African Oiling Plates

Developed initially in South Africa for bigger engines these plates provide extra oil flow and thus cooling in your gearbox. I feel these are essential for gearboxes running larger engines and also for any long distance travel.

I feel all of this work is necessary to preserve the life of your box and to ensure that you enjoy trouble free motoring and peace of mind.

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Thanks, Paul

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