Gearbox warranty 12 Months Unlimited Mileage

During the 12 months from completion of the build we will undertake to repair any defect in the gearbox free of charge with the following conditions:

1) The gearbox has been fitted in accordance with VW standard procedure and the control linkage is in good condition and also adjusted correctly as per VW specification. Any defective external bushings, guides, fixings, drivetrain components etc not included in the rebuild should be replaced with best quality items. These can be found on our web shop here failure to replace these items will void the warranty.

2) The defect is not as a result of fair wear and tear on, or failure of, existing non replaced components.

3) Any defect is not directly the result of misuse, neglect through lack of lubrication, impact via accident, attempted repair or alteration.

4) Where non standard engine conversions or wheel combinations have been fitted, any repairs or warranty due to suspected defect will be subject to discussion.

5) 5) In the case of TDI conversions if a Dual mass flywheel is not used warranty will be void.

6) In the event of a suspected defect, it is the customers responsibility to immediately inform us of the nature of the fault, which if initially verbally communicated, must be followed up in writing by email. No warranty will be offered if work has been undertaken to correct a suspected defect by an unauthorised third party.

7) The gearbox is returned to, and despatched from following rework, our workshops or other authorised repairer at the customers cost.

8) The defect is not as a result of any towing or recovery.

9) The defect is due to the vehicle being used on any form of racetrack or off-road activity or racing of any description or being used in any contest, competition, rally or speed trial (apart from treasure hunts).

10) Consequential costs are not covered.

We reserve the right to amend the above terms at any time without prior
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