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GT Gears Availability

GT Gears

For many of you out there running higher powered engines, heavy campers, bigger wheels and want peace of mind. GT Gears are in my opinion the best gears available for both VW T3 T25 Syncros and 2WD vans. GT Gears , as far as I am aware of, are the only gear manufacturer to offer any type of warranty on their gears especially for larger than stock engines (although I could be mistaken). They are not cheap but you get what you pay for.

“Guard Transmission utilizes the most advanced and modernized CNC gear-cutting equipment available. All of our gears are cut with class AA grade gear hobs and feature the latest F1 gear profiles. Contact pressure angles are optimized for maximum strength and each gear tooth has a very prominent “tip relief” placing all contact directly in the center of the tooth. This special feature eliminates any premature wear found in all prior gear designs., which typically occurs at the base and tip of each gear tooth.

All gears offered by Guard Transmissions are shot-peened to Aircraft specifications, which normally doubles the service life (in medium stress applications).

Stronger, quieter longer-lasting. It has always been the goal of Guard Transmission to offer gearsets that are so superior in quality, that even the most discerning European race teams would take notice.


vw t3 syncro gt gears profile

GT Gears Availibilty and Ordering

As GT Gears are produced in relatively short runs supply lines can depend on what’s available at the time. Below is a current list of stock that  I know is available at the moment. 

 I shall be putting in an order in the next week so if you need any of the following gear ratios please either use the buttons below to order your gears.

Or you can drop me an email at vwvantopia@gmail.com even in regards to ratios that are not on the lists 

VW T3 Syncro GT gears

GT Gears Range

GT Gears Range 

The Gt Gears range has evolved from not only Heavy Duty Custom Gears but also to Complete drivetrains, including gun drilled mainshafts for both Syncro and 4 speed gearboxes. Torque biasing differentials, stronger and lighter GG|ears for Syncros HD 3/4 Syncro hubs, Billet gear carriers and also straight cut gears.   


gt gears mainshaft vw T3 Syncro gearbox

GT Gears Mainshaft Kits 

The mainshaft kits are also available in custom ratios and include 1st and 2nd gears. These are currently availble in the following ratios 

1st gear                  2nd gear

3.778 (9:34) & 2.063 (16:33) stock 2nd gear 
3.778 (9:34) & 1.941 (17:33) 
3.667 (9:33) & 1.882 (17:32) “V” second gear

GT Gears Mainshaft Kits are also available as part of  a Complete GT Gears Drivetrain includes Syncro Mainshaft and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and G gears and free steel caged bearings

Complete GT Gears VW T3 4 speed Drivetrain includes GT 4 speed Mainshaft 091 311 101 C

GT Gears 3rd Gears 

GT 3rd Gears are currently available in the following ratios

3rd gear sets:






GT HD Gears 4th gear Straight Cut 0.75

GT Gears 4th gearsets 

GT 4th gearsets are available in both standard Helical cut and more recently Straight Cut.

Straight cut gears produce no axial load and no lateral force is applied to the mainshaft bearing, which causes it to push forward. Straight-cut gears effectively allow much larger powertrains to be placed in a vehicle without risking the bearings tearing themselves apart, they are ideal for more powerful engines and also long motorway driving. However, they are slightly noisier than helical cut gears however these come with the quiet street cut design there have been no noise complaints have been had by the manufacturers with this cut. I have tested the 0.75 cut and I can say the noise is negligible.

GT Gears 4th Gearsets in Helical Cut

Ratios available at the moment 

.881 (42:37)
.857 (42:36)
.837 (43:36) 
.821 (39:32)
.812 (32:26)


GT Gears 4th Gears Straight Cut

Ratios available at the moment.

 .821 Straight Cut

  .828 Straight Cut

 .813 Straight cut

.775 Straight Cut

.755 Straight Cut

.706 Straight Cut

VW T3 Syncro G Gear GT

GT “G” Gear

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