Viscous Coupling Refurbishment (inc. €350 refundable deposit)


Economical solution for a like-new viscous coupling assembly for your VW van. We ship you a refurbished part. After you send us your damaged old part you’ll receive your deposit back in full.

Viscous coupling refurb 094409435 X
1 × Viscous Coupling Refurb
094409435 RCDVC
1 × Refundable Core Deposit Viscous Coupling
Viscous Coupling 094409435 XBVC
This item: Viscous Coupling Refurbishment (inc. €350 refundable deposit)
We recommend our front differential rebuild service with this job.
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How it works:

  1. Purchase the refurbishment service with the refundable deposit today.
  2. We will contact you to check all requirements and shipping details before filling your order.
  3. You will receive a refurbished viscous coupling assembly with core return instructions in the post.
  4. Ship back your core
  5. Receive a refund to your account from which you made your original purchase.


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