As its now officially Spring I thought wed have a quick chat about some VW T3/T25 maintenance.  So before you how are plan your summer getaway let talk over a few things. Asuming your van is regularly tested and roadworthy i.e. the tyres are good brakes work and and pads are not worn out all the lights work. the body is in good condition and all seat belt mounting points are intact and not rusted through the seatbelt wbbing is not damaged etc etc if not you will need to go to a mechanic. If all is ok  lets look at a few thing you may not have thought about . Fluids ?  When did I last change the fluids? Yep you probably did the engine oil but what about the coolant or brake fluid (brake fluid should be changed every two to three years depending on manufacturer)  and yes you guessed it The Gearbox Oil?? So if its been a while, like years it would be worth doing , especially your gearbox oil just remember before you drop your gearbox oil that you can undo the filler plug :) at the drain plug can help to aseess how much wear has happened in your gearbox since the last oil change. your oil can aid in smoother shifting and help to extend the life of your gearbox. Also check your gear shifting is can you find all the gears and change with your fingers or does it feel like stirring porridge or do you have to force it into gear? then maybe its time to look at refurbing your gear linkage ? If you are crunching gears or see large amounts of build up on your magnet and or experiencing leaks  you will probably need a rebuild and need to talk to me or another gearbox builder . Have a great summer Paul 

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Spring and the art of VW T3/T25 maintenance IMG 06321

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