VW Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services

The Autopsy

Like any good detective when disassembling your box, I shall look out for clues as to its history, whether others have been there before and common signs of damage. I utilise a variety of senses in my work, combined with precision measuring tools. I also draw upon the wisdom and knowledge which I have acquired from others with backgrounds in Quality control, Manufacturing, Engineering and Gearbox technology.  I also keep detailed notes of measurements and my observations.


“Cleanliness is next to godliness..”

When your gearbox comes to me it undergoes a variety of treatments to ensure it is spotlessly clean.

After disassembly the cases will be left in an environmentally safe cleaning solution for two weeks to soak they will then be pressure washed, and finally be ultrasonically cleaned , ready for inspection.

The internals of your gearbox are then meticulously cleaned by hand and ultrasonically cleaned . This is to allow a detailed inspection of the components to ascertain the levels of wear, and to be able to identify any tell tale signs of damage to your box.


After cleaning each component of your box including the cases, is then inspected personally by me. I look for damage from a variety of sources. The usual culprits are from corrosion, debris, incorrect set up, lack of oil and movement of shafts from wear. Some components I shall precisely measure as to ascertain their level of wear others are obvious from inspection. Each component is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, 5 is a pass and 10 is new.  

Report and Quote

I shall then write a report based on my findings, this will include a detailed account of your box and my recommendations for rebuild depending on your requirements and a quote for the work to be done which will be sent to you within two weeks of receiving your gearbox.


Your cases will be sent to the machine shop, where they will be precision machined and re-sleeved ready for rebuilding.

Paint and prep

Your cases if will be prepped for paint and any small surface repairs carried out, they will them be etched primed with Two pack primer and painted with two pack paint. This I have found is the most effective way to protect your cases against future corrosion.

The Build

After consulting with you and your gearbox will be assembled to the highest standards utilising a variety of precision engineering tools to enable your gearbox to be setup precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances. Each measurement is double checked and recorded to provide a detailed report which we can both refer to upon completion of the work. You shall be provided with both a hard and soft copy of the report for your records.  All work carried out will be backed up by a one year warranty.


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