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VW T3 Pinion Bearing  091311219

VW Gearbox Pinion Bearings 091 311 219 Availability

VW Gearbox Pinion bearings 091 311 219 Availibilty

As many of you know the supply of VW Pinion Bearings 091 311 219 worldwide has been exhausted. These bearings are used in nearly all transaxles or gearboxes ranging from the Bay window to the later T3/T25/Vanagon and Syncro models both petrol and diesel.  This has been due to many external factors such as COVID etc and also production delays due to these factors. This in turn has also unfortunately led to an increase in price due to production costs and availability. We at Vantopia are in regular contact with our suppliers who are doing their best to resolve this issue. Hopefully in the future availability will improve however for the moment we just have to continue.

New Shipment

Luckily enough we at Vantopia have manged to acquire some new FAG VW Pinion Bearings 091 311 219 which will arrive tomorrow of which we have limited numbers for sale these are available below on our web shop.

However these are first come first served and in limited numbers.  So don’t delay. We do expect more in the near future but as with most things this is not guaranteed so grab them while you can 

Used VW Pinion Bearings 091 311 209

For those of you on a limited budget we do have some used original German VW Pinion Bearings 091 311 219 these have not exhibited any wear when tested in their original cases. These have been cleaned and inspected and are in good condition but as they are used parts, they do not carry any warranty. However, if upon receipt of them and within 14 days of purchase if you are not happy send them back and we will refund you your money.

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