This is the Resurrection a VW T3 syncro gearbox rebuild. In keeping with the easter spirit (this box was finished at Easter but been so busy Ive only got round to finishing this post today ) I thought it would be good to conclude this story at this time of year. For those of you who have read the first and second installments cataloguing the destruction of the internals of this gearbox. I have manged to provide the owner with very good replacements. These  which combined with new bearings, seals and combined with SA oiling plates a HD 3/4 th gear synchro hub and the installation of an AJT mainshaft bearing retainer plate should ensure it gives trouble free motoring. 

VW T3 Syncro Gearbox rebuild

Replacement Internals VW T3 Syncro Gearbox

Build Notes VW T3 Syncro Gearbox 


Crown and Pinion

Very good crown and Pinion installed Locking Differential installed

5.43 Final Drive

Crown wheel bolts all torqued up to 50nm

Good 1st gear

Late good used  1/2nd Synchro hub round slots crack tested  with good springs and keys and new ½ slider

New circlips VW no 091 311 321A

Very Good used 3rd gear  z=40 

Very Good used 4th z =50 

Very Good used Pinion Lock ring / 1st gear inner race and refurbed needle bearings

Very Good used 2nd gear

Very Good used fixed 3rd gear oil face towards 2nd gear

3rd gear circlip 2.3mm

Good used 4th gear

Half mon circlip installed

Good used Mainshaft installed z= 9/16 teeth

Good used 3rd gear

Good used 4th gear

Heavy duty Weddle 3/4th Syncro hub installed with excellent used ¾ slider springs and Keys  

New Syncro rings provided

All case holes tapped and cleaned, and mating faces cleaned


New Pinion Bearing installed FAG Z53106801TR2 made in Hungary by FAG

New Differential bearings installed, preloaded and run in at 47nm

1st, 2st R gear, Rev idler and G idler cages refurbed, and needle bearings replaced with new

New 3rd and 4th needle bearings 2 x  VW no 02a311265D lot no RA 148 3077 4837

New Mainshaft bearing installed  Z-36138802KL-AM made in Slovakia 0045 10×0717 by FAG

AJT Mainshaft bearing stop plate installed Reduction housing skimmed

New Mainshaft rear bearing installed 094 311373

New pinion bearing  installed 094311373c

Front Mainshaft  bearing installed  094311375

All new shift fork bearings 091301120 installed

New Ggear bearings 094311370 installed x 2

SKF 6026 111213P made in Italy

New SKF 6308NR 0812 0855P made in Italy

Other Notes

Selector shaft bush renewed and seal

Relay lever housing re-sleeved and relay lever checked for play in rivet

4th gear oiling plate installed all shift rods installed

New lock ring installed and Synched

Backlash = 18+/- 2

Selector  shaft installed with cup and spring and new plastic bush and seal with external spring installed 020141733D

New selector shaft boot, new ball and boot for ball, washer and stainles steel nylock nut 

New rev housing installed with new paper gasket and o ring seal 

Output flange seals installed and O rings Adjusting rings set up on marks

Oiling plate installed

Input shaft installed with spud and Muff and new circlip

Good used  Reverse gear

Green spacer oil gap =0.45

Good used R/G syncro Hub

Other circlip installed

Good used R/G Synchroniser no play in rivets  Moly ok

Good used Ggear            

1.2mm thrust spacer used

New SKF 6308NR 0812 0855P made in Italy installed on good used reduction gear

Reverse idler installed with refurbed needle bearings spacer ring and thrust bearings and shortened shaft

G gear idler installed with refurbed needle bearings spacer ring and thrust bearings and circlip fitted

Good used Nose cone

Muff installed and a new 6026 SKF bearing  111213P made in Italy and new Corteco seal  installed on Output shaft

 Bell housing cleaned clutch fork removed clutch fork bush cleaned and reseated and relubed HD Weddle bronze clutch sleeve installed  new input flange seal

4mm RJES clutch bracket spacer  and new clutch bracket installed (old clutch bracket was fractured RJES spacer prevents this )

Case Painted with 2k etch primer and 2k custom gold colour detailed with 2k

Clutch fork put on and new circlip installed

Output flange domed washer, new circlips and bungs installed both sides

All case bolts torqued 

Output Flange front nut torqued

Seal for Diff lock sleeve installed

New actuator

New Stainless steel actuator Bracket, and new roll pins provided

All gears select properly

Crated and lined with black foam ready for shipping.

Don't be Afraid Anymore, Part 3 The Resurrection, a VW T3 Syncro Gearbox rebuild 2019 04 03 20.41.06

Good used VW T3 Syncro Mainshaft 094311101B with 3rd and 4th gears, new syncro rings and 3/4 Synchroniser 

VW T3 Syncro AJT mainshaft bearing retainer

Mainshaft bearing retainer plate installed


Skimmed reduction gear housing 


vw T3 Syncro gearbox in clamp


vw T3 Syncro gearbox in paint
Don't be Afraid Anymore, Part 3 The Resurrection, a VW T3 Syncro Gearbox rebuild 2019 04 06 14.07.25 2

Ready for crating and shipping 

vw T3 Syncro gearbox

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  1. Janne Linnus

    Looking so nice finish box.
    My 1989 gas syncro 4-speed lost 3. and 4. gear and im lost now. Nobody seems to understand how it will be live agen. Im from Finland.
    How much rebiuld cost about? Shipping x2 times also

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