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Springs and suspension 101, Schwenk Springs for VW T3/ T25

Some really sexy products coming in soon to Vantopia. We are very pleased and honoured to be able to bring you products by two of the most respected manufacturers in the US Syncro community, Burley Motorsports and Steve Schwenk. For the moment I shall talk her about Steve Schwenk and his amazing springs.

Known as the best in the business, Steve Schwenk has been developing and constantly refining his springs for 2WD and Syncro’s for over twenty-five years

Schwenk Syncro Lift Springs

Springs 101

A Van’s suspension system is made up of several important components, the springs, shocks and tyres which support the vehicle weight and absorb and reduce excess energy from annoying road vibrations. This article will attempt to explain a bit about springs, what they are, why they are important, and why we think Schwenk Springs are the best.

There are three different spring types that are used in suspension systems: “coil”, which is what our T3’s use, “leaf” and “torsion bar”. Coil springs are merely wound torsion bars. They are commonly used because they are compact, easily mounted and have excellent life-endurance properties. Leaf springs are long, thin members that are loaded in bending. They are used as an assembly being comprised of several layers of thin metal to obtain the correct spring rate. Leaf springs serve as both the damping member and the linkage. Torsion bars rely on the twist of a long bar to provide a spring rate to dampen car shock loading. Torsion bars mount across the bottom portion of a vehicle and are more difficult to package than others. 

In the beginning, Volkswagen colour coded their springs made for different vans however paint wore off and it became difficult to know which spring went best with which type of van. With the change of use springs have often become mismatched. Whether being converted from work vans to campers, or light passenger vans or the heavy-duty expedition Syncros you see nowadays.  Many of the VW springs are also no longer available today and the springs that are available don’t really cater for specific weights and characteristics.

Mr Schwenk narrowed the focus of his spring to a smaller range of vehicle weights and characteristics, Schwenk springs perform better on those vehicles than stock springs or any spring sold by competitors.   

Why Schwenk Springs

We choose to offer these springs for four main reasons:


Using high-quality springs in your vehicles isn’t just about performance, reliability, and reputation, it’s all about safety. The force between the van body and the wheel is maintained by these springs.  More importantly, a coiled Schwenk spring is better suited to provide steering stability and good handling.  The most important aspect of any van set up is safety that is why we stock these products.


These springs have a great shock-absorbing capacity and have been tested to the max. Vehicles need to be tough—they need to withstand environmental conditions whether it be on rough, uneven terrain or on long motorway drives. They need to perform at their very best, all of the time. If you’re dishing out money on a new suspension system, you naturally don’t want your suspension to give out. You want a suspension that is comfortable and works, you deserve a smooth ride from point A to point B.


If the springs aren’t durable, then the vehicle isn’t reliable. It’s just that simple. Components that were poorly manufactured weren’t designed to your vehicle’s specifications, or which were created in the wrong size won’t last very long.

Vantopia relies on its reputation for its gearbox builds and making or having the best possible parts in the business.  Schwenk springs are an exceptional product we can stand behind that we know delivers. 

Customer satisfaction 

Each set of Schwenk springs are designed to deliver great handling and braking, optimal damping, and a comfortable driving experience specific to every type of van:  standard Syncros, lifted Syncros, standard 2WD vans, and 2WD Westy Campers.

By narrowing the focus of his spring to a smaller range of vehicle weights and characteristics, Schwenk springs perform better on those vehicles than stock springs or any spring sold by competitors.  If you are interested in turning your old van into a smoother, more comfortable experience, or if you plan on taking your syncro off-road for camping expeditions, then look to improve your suspension system.  A good place to start is a better spring. 

Schwenk Springs for the Standard Syncro

  • For Tin-Tops, Doka’s, Weekenders & lighter Syncros
  • Slightly taller than stock-spring ride height (depending on vehicle weight)
  • Height adjustable with shims
  • Work well with all major shock brands 
  • Designed for dual-purpose, on- / off-road use

Schwenk Syncro Lift springs

  • For full Westys and other heavy Syncros
  • Increased ride height & suspension travel (depending on vehicle weight)
  • Modestly stiffer than stock springs
  • Work well with all major shock brands
  • Designed for dual-purpose on- / off-road use

Schwenk Westy Springs for 2WD

  • Modestly stiffer & slightly taller than stock (depending on vehicle weight)
  • Firm but responsive feel – not harsh
  • Improved ride, cornering & stability
  • Work with all major shock brands

Schwenk 2WD Carat Springs

  • Full Set of 4 Springs
  • Modestly Stiffer & Slightly Taller than Stock
  • Firm but Responsive Feel – Not Harsh
  • Improved Ride, Cornering & Stability
  • Work with all major shock brands

 Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and a mix up at the factory, the production of Schwenk springs was delayed, but things are starting to roll now so we should be expecting a shipment to arrive in Europe in approximately a months time. At the time of writing we are looking at bringing in 20 sets of Schwenk springs so numbers are limited and first come first served. We are now taking orders for this first shipment.   These are on a pre-order basis or the moment until we build up stock.

 These are available as either Syncro Lift springsSyncro Standard Springs, 2WD Westy springs  and 2WD Carat Springs are all available on our web shop here

Thanks and take care Paul

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