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VW T3 T25 Parts and Accessories

VW T3 T25 Parts and accesories for sale

VW T3 T25 Parts and Accessories.

At Vantopia not only are we are VW T3 T25, Syncro and Bay window air cooled gearbox specialists we also starting to stock best quality parts and accessories for your VW T25 T3, and Syncro classic vans or campervans.

Our range of VW T3 T25 parts and accessorries includes parts for

      Due to the sheer number of parts and variations we cannot stock everything but we are expanding our range.  But if you require anything that we don’t have we can order in directly and from the best suppliers, just drop us an email at vwvantopia@gmail.com and well get on it straight away

Like the parts we supply for gearboxes and gear linkages, we will strive towards supplying only the best quality parts and accessories  where available, these being either genuine VW or OEM producers or specialist manufacturers that come up with products of the highest quality that may even exceed VW standards.  This includes companies such as GT Gears, Weddle, Getriebeteile and Schwenk Springs to mention a few and also other small bespoke parts producers.

 Another feature we are working on are service kits for not only stock VW engines such as 1.6 JX Turbo Diesel and Petrol 2.1 Water boxer but also parts for some of the most common engine conversions. These include both older and new coversions including  the 1.9 normally aspirated 1Y, 1.9 Turbo Diesel AAZ, 1.9 TDI engine codes 1Z AFN AHU etc and also the Petrol 2l GTI AGG engines and Subaru conversions even down to the relays you can’t get hold of.

We have experience of all of these engines and will also be putting together bundle kits so you will be able to buy a complete set of parts for your install in the future. Paul

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