VW T3 Locking Syncro Gearbox and Front Locking Differential Rebuild. According to some the Holy Grail of VW T3 Syncro Gearboxes also with its matching Locking front Differential. This just left today .  Lets start with the gearbox. 

Rebuilt VW Van Gearbox

VW T3 16″ Syncro Gearbox

AVR        type 094               4×4        Difflock                 5.43 final drive                 2.1  petrol           16”

Heavy Case with reinforcements for oiling plates 

V gear box           9/17 mainshaft  094311101D and  2nd gear z =32  094311261B

Gear ratios          g gear    6,03        1st 3,78                 2nd 1,88                 3rd 1,23                 4th 0,85

                Rev        6,03       Final drive           5,43        Lockable              VC

Crown and pinion exchanged for excellent second hand from stock with a new Pinion Bearing fitted FAG Hungary

1st gear

Reconditioned bearing with new rollers, 247b syncro ring

Excellent 8/10 1/2 syncro hub

 new 295A syncro ring

2nd gear,

3rd gear oil face down (0,05-0.2 oil gap desired ) 0.1mm gap measured with silver circlip for 3rd gear

4th gear oil ring up

New pinion bearing lock ring torqued to 210nm  and synched

Crown Wheel

 New differential Bearings installed Timken

Crown wheel and Diff faces cleaned Crown wheel heated and dropped onto Diff Crown Wheel bolts Torqued to 50nm and checked when cold

Excellent used mainshaft  with resurfaced bearing surface

2 new 3rd and 4th gear 02A 311 265 D needle bearings installed VW

3rd gear reused

Excellent used 4th gear used

new syncro rings 295A  installed

Aluminium seal installed

New Mainshaft Bearing FAG installed

AJT Mainshaft bearing plate installed

New shift rail bearings installed Roulex

4th gear oiling plate installed

All gears mesh    Yes

Mainshaft bearing 002311125A installed in main case and circlip

Case re-sleeved for relay lever and relay lever in

New selector shaft bush installed

All case holes tapped and faces cleaned

New paper gasket

Ball valve and shift rod cover installed

Green spacer replaced with black oil gap 0.5mm

Refurbed R gear needle bearings installed with new needle bearings

New G gear NTN roller bearings installed

New INA 93463.1 bearing for reduction gear

Thrust washer 1.2 mm 

Skimmed reduction housing with new pinion bearing 373

Rev idler installed with shortened shaft and refurbed needle bearings installed

All case holes tapped and faces cleaned

New diff lock sleeve O ring

Oiling plate installed

Input shaft installed with new circlip

Backlash = 17 +/- 2  readings should be between 0.15-0.25 and readings should not differ by more than 0.05

New Bell housing paper gasket  

HD RjES clutch fork installed with Weddle HD Bronze bush, new bonze bush in bellhousing, and new circlips

New input shaft seal and new INA clutch guide sleeve

New output shaft seals and o rings

New Cortecco double lipped Prop output seal

New selector Shaft Seal better one with spring garter installed

Output flanges installed with new circlips and bungs

New ball, washer and Nylock nut  and  boots.

Clutch fork (petrol) installed with new circlip

Rev Housing installed with new O ring and paper gasket

G idler installed wit new O ring

Rev idler cover installed with sealant

Output flange nutand washer installed and torqued to 160 nm 

All gears select

Diff lock moves freely and pin is the right way up

Front lockable Differential

Gearbox ADM # 06 03 8                                 1998 box

Pinion Bearing new FAG Hungary 

Lock ring torqued to 210nm and stop tab folded over.

R= 63.39 mm RM = 63.40mm  tolerance is +/- 0.05mm so good

S3 shim changed to 0.76mm shim

New Diff bearings Timken Poland, preloaded and run in at 47nm

New input shaft bearings SKF 6206 and 6007

New Double needle spigot bearing for output shaft INA HK 1622 Germany

Cortecco input flange seal double lipped

Pinion bearing lock ring synched 

Backlash 0.17 +/- 2  readings should be between 0.15-0.25 and readings should not differ by more than 0.05

Red 19 tooth speedo moves freely in sleeve with new seal 

Installed with a reconditioned Viscous Coupling (exchange) from Holman engineering

All case holes tapped and faces cleaned no gaskets used in Diff faces joined with Wurth super RTV Sealant

All threads cleaned on bolts

New output shaft seals and O rings

Input flange nut and washer installed and torqued to 160 nm 

New Diff lock seal, Diff lock pin moves freely and is the right way u.

Thats all for today folks, got an extra special one on the way bt you’ll just have to wait for that one :) 

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